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Our Services

Our Services

Essentro will provide the following services to your child:

  • Psychologist: A well versed psychologist would be employed to test for first level understanding in your child.
    This process basically sets a tone of how other foundation elements are added to the child. As it has being
    discovered  that  the main problem might not  actually be  detected based  on  assumptions,  it has  to be
  • Educational Tutors: We engage your child with a knowledgeable tutor who would have gotten the psychologist
    evaluation form. We train our tutors to make use of the report to help the kid achieve a balance between
    education  and  all  challenges  he/she might  be  facing  at  home  or  in  school. We  use  our  performance
    evaluation schematics to assess the rate of success in kids.
  • Language: We offer qualified tutors in both local languages (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba) and foreign languages
    (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) depending parents’ choice or on which one
    that interest the ward. It is essential to add at least a language different from the mother’s tongue. The rate
    of  learning  languages  is enhanced  in children at a very  tender age. We ensure parents’ go  through  this
    service as it is very essential for the foundation of the children to be wide and expansive.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: During  the  course  of  raising  your  kid with  you, we  offer  several  recreational
    activities like Chess, Monopoly, Draughts, Ayo, Scrabble, etc. We also ensure some basic social skills are
    learnt  such  as  Public  presentation, Expression  of mind  in  clear  terms  and  some  rudiments  in  social
    gatherings are also incorporated in them.
  • Skill Acquisition: It is essential that a kid should learn at least a skill he or she can lay claim to and properly
    develop in that line. It enhances confidence and removal of fear for lack of job opportunities. Examples of
    such skills include Creative Arts, Drama, Bead making, Wood Work, Basic and Advanced computer usage
    skills etc. We also offer services in this regard.
  • Guidance and Counsellor Unit: We provide adequate counselling from time to time to ensure the kid doesn’t
    loses focus and his actions and inactions follow a successful path. This aspect ascribes a role model that
    your ward can look up to follow his goals in life.
  • Career Education: We also provide them various career opportunistic courses that they can study at a very
    sound higher institution of learning.

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