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How to prepare for a new academic session

How to prepare for a new academic session

How to prepare for a new academic session


Starting a new session without preparing is like heading a cross country without a map. You can do it, but it is rarely an efficient way to travel. Planning is very essential because it gives you a clear sense of what are trying to accomplish and how to accomplish it. Below are tips to help your child prepare for the new academic session; Set goals; to help your child achieve better performance in the new session, help them set a goal they can strive to achieve.

The starting point is to review their performance for the previous session. Since this is a new session and term, take a look at their performance in the first term of the previous session, then benchmark the goal for the new term against their last performance. For instance; if they achieved 45% in Maths, 63% in English language, 58% in Social Science, the goal for the new term should be, at least 30% more than the past achievement. Maths could be 75 %, English language 93%, etc.

If this is their first time, assume some daring figures based on your perspective of their ability. Get a home Tutor. If you want your child to get ahead, a good thing to do is to make them take extra classes with a home tutor to get prerequisites out of the way. If they’re in a school that offers more classes than the number of credits they need, these are advantages of it instead of them just taking study hall. Attend a summer school; summer school is a great way to help your child prepare for a new academic session.

If their school will not allow them to take summer school courses or they have too much planned in the summer, they should try online courses; these are often costly although they will get you the credit you need/want. When looking for online school courses make sure you check the accreditation, if the class isn’t accredited you won’t get credit for it.

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